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First, play We the Jury, a game that puts you in the role of a jury member and challenges you to pass judgement from inside the judicial system. Next, share your experience and thoughts on the game. Finally, find out what jury duty is really like by interviewing the real-life jury pool – people you know. Earn a badge for each challenge you complete!

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Age: 10 - 24+

Complete the SINGLE Activity: WE THE JURY - Play | We the Jury

Play | We the Jury

In this great game, you're the juror! Analyze evidence and convince your fellow jurors in a tough civil case!

Complete the SINGLE Activity: WE THE JURY - What do You Think?

What do You Think?

You played We The Jury, now earn a Game Thinker badge for telling us what you think!

Complete the SINGLE Activity: WE THE JURY - Off-Screen | We the Jury

Off-Screen | We the Jury

Most adult Americans have been called to jury duty. Get the inside scoop from the people who've been there—friends, neighbors, or relatives.