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First, play We the Jury, a game that puts you in the role of a jury member and challenges you to pass judgement from inside the judicial system. Next, share your experience and thoughts on the game. Finally, find out what jury duty is really like by interviewing the real-life jury pool – people you know. Earn a badge for each challenge you complete!

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100 Level - No experience necessary

We the Jury is a single-player game from iCivics and Filament Games that puts you in the shoes of a juror and provides a window into the deliberation room of a court case. The player must examine evidence and decide whether to side with the plaintiff or the defendant in the case. As the deliberation proceeds, new pieces of evidence are unlocked that reveal new things about the case.

Play We the Jury ---> Earn a Game Changer badge!                       

Directions to Play Game:

  1. Navigate to the game website
  2. Select 'Register for an Account' or 'No Thanks' 
  3. Select 'New Game' or 'Learn to Play'
  4. Play through one full court trial (approximately 30 minutes) 
  5. Take a screenshot of the jury certificate at end of game
  6. Upload screenshot to the challenge

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