Be Payday Ready

Learn basic financial skills to maximize earnings and establish a strong foundation for saving including banking & direct deposit.

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Complete the seven activities. (Hint: There are videos so you may need headphones.)

Submit your work to earn the "Payday Ready" Badge.

When you earn the badge, you unlock the opportunity to compete for scholarship dollars and have a chance to win prizes. You can also share your badge on your resume and social media. When you click on the badge, it shows you what skills you practiced in this Playlist and the language you can adapt to your resume.

Content provided by the Economic Awareness Council.

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Badges you can earn for this challenge

BE PAYDAY READY - Be Payday Ready Badge - Finanical skills and knowledge
Age: 2 - 100

Activity Directions

Be Savings Ready


Saving for the things you want instead of buying on credit can save you hundreds! Saving can allow you to get more AND meet your savings goals.

Take a pledge to save with every paycheck at America Saves. Watch the SAVINGS VIDEO linked on the right and make the savings pledge online. Then return to this page to complete the quiz below to finish this activity.

Age: 0 - 100

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