Be Payday Ready

Learn basic financial skills to maximize earnings and establish a strong foundation for saving including banking & direct deposit.

Complete the seven activities. (Hint: There are videos so you may need headphones.)

Submit your work to earn the "Payday Ready" Badge.

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Content provided by the Economic Awareness Council.

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Badges you can earn for this challenge

BE PAYDAY READY - Be Payday Ready Badge - Finanical skills and knowledge
Age: 2 - 100

Activity Directions

Be Direct Deposit Ready


Did you know that with direct deposit you will get paid faster and for FREE? Future employers will also want you to be direct deposit ready, and direct deposit helps you save. Save yourself time and money with direct deposit.

Watch the interactive DIRECT DEPOSIT video on the right.


(If you are using this tool on an iPad or iPhone and need closed captioning, please use the second link to the right to watch on YouTube and select closed captioning. Also, if you need an alternate option for loading the video, please also use the second link to the right to watch on YouTube.)

If you choose not to enroll in direct deposit and will be using a payroll card, be sure to check out some tips on managing your payroll card (Pay Day Tip Sheet on the right). If you receive a payroll card and want to switch to direct deposit or transfer funds into your bank account, ask your supervisor for instructions.

Age: 0 - 100

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